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The main aim of the summer training camp is the development and perfection of the skills which can’t be formed during the season ice trainings.

We focus on improving the ice-hockey stick technique: carrying the puck, control of the puck, jockeying, the perfection of pass technique, the practicing all kinds of shoots (standing shot, skating and shots, wrist shots, slap shots) and the face-offs winning technique.

During the ice training the players master their skills in speeding skating: in long steps, in short steps, backward skating, turns and transitions, stops, clearing the obstacle skating. The development of explosive strength, explosive speed, stamina and fluency. The right style of skating, balance, pushes, starting speed, accelerating, turns and transitions.

During the summer camp we concentrate on techniques and tactics. While practicing we pay attention to vision playing, game thinking, intuition, improvisation, pause, changing of tempo and rhythm, positional skating and maneuvering skating etc, which are not only technical tricks, but also the elements of tactical and technical skills. On the one hand the aim is to put kids who can already skate on the ice rink and to teach them to link-up, and on the other hand is to teach kids from scratch. The problem of many players is that they can’t live up to their potential. It happens because the technical elements are always taught without developing tactical skills. If children don’t practice the skills of visual control, game thinking and intuition, they will not be able to see the game and as a result their ice-hockey skills will be limited.

Special attention will be paid to the development of physical skills - dexterity, stamina, coordination. The whole playing process requires speed and strength. The successful accomplishment of different game techniques, such as speed, controlling of the puck, shots, power fight depends on building muscles. That’s why, in order to reach the effectiveness of the game activity, the hockey player first of all needs to develop some physical qualities.

The mental training, watching and analyzing ice hockey video materials allow young hockey players to give the right evaluation of their own work during the training process

Leisure time is organized according to the week's schedule (Aqua Park – Swimming Pool – Sauna).

The schedule of summer camp

  • Ice Trainings (three times a day)
    • The skating technique training and its perfection
      • The long steps mechanics
      • The quickness of the first four steps
      • The balance and stability

    • The Hockey stick technique perfection
      • puck advance, dribbling, passes, shoots
      • the communication with the team players

    • Sports ground trainings (two times a day)
      • Sport games and relay races
      • Strength and stamina exercises
      • Coordination and dexterity development exercises

  • The game and competition work
  • Theoretical trainings (video)
  • Meals (four times a day)