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Additional trainings are an effective way to improve your techniques. As is known, even famous NHL and KHL ice-hockey players keep working hard, not to mention goal-oriented amateurs who are dreaming of becoming professionals.

We offer the skating techniques improvement classes both in groups and individually, we offer classes for kids as well as for adults, puck technique trainings (dribbling, shoots, puck technique training on the ground), correction of technical mistakes. The special attention is paid to physical training conditioning ( the development of good stamina, strength, speed, dexterity, plasticity) and special trainings, game episodes in particular.

We also organize trainings to improve “a team spirit” .These are the new trainings that aim at developing mutual understanding among players during a match.

For goal-keepers there are special trainings with the individual coach. The goal-keeper coach trains goal-keepers on general physical condition and gives them trainings in the terms of tactics and game episodes.

We organize trainings for the kids from the age of three and adults at any age regardless the level of skating and physical condition.